Top Causes of Water Damage Basement Flooding Throughout the Winter

Basements can flooding just about any time of the year, and you may be surprised it can even occur during the winter. The truth is that winter may present the most danger and only a number of them are preventable. It's never a bad idea to have a water damage restoration company as part of your house care list of suppliers, so you can respond immediately if you encounter a problem.

The main reasons for water damage basement flood are ice floes, frozen concrete, blocked drains, and faulty plumbing. If you live near a river, such as the Catawba River west of Charlotte, North Carolina's city limits, you might discover that an ice floe has blocked water flow and caused flood in your neighborhood. This is not a frequent occurrence, but can happen. The other causes are more typical.

The most common is a pipe fracture due to faulty plumbing or not having proper precautions in place to prevent pipes freezing. When water freezes, it expands and can cause a burst pipe. This is more prev…